Stainless Steel Handrails Melbourne

Stainless Steel Handrails in Melbourne by Jake Woodyard

Stainless Steel Burley Buckets Melbourne

Burley buckets Melbourne made by Woody’s Metal Fabrication - stainless steel burley pots made tough for tough conditions

Get a burley bucket that will last for years and buy DIRECT from Woody’s so you get great value as well.

Why get a cheap burley pot that will get crushed easily.

Mesh construction with larger holes built in to let larger pieces drift out into the burley slick.

Solid locking latch with rubber sealing ring.

Stainless steel wire attachment.

Get your stainless steel burley pot from Woody’s

Call me if you want a special or custom burley pot or a transom mounted burley pot.

Great Fishing!!
Call me Now or SMS on 0413 886919
Cheers, Jake
  • Stainless steel burley buckets
  • Made in Melbourne not imported
  • Super strong
  • Resists shark attack
  • All stainless steel construction, 316 grade
  • Sets up a great burley trail at the depth you want
  • Target the species you want
  • Complete with stainless steel attachment wire
  • Polished or satin finish
Stainless steel burley pot
Burley pot stainless steel wire
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