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Stainless steel stair handrails
Stainless steel handrails fabricated to the highest quality standards for our Melbourne customers so you can enjoy the look of your custom made stainless steel handrails for many years to come.
Due to the coastal location in Melbourne for your stainless steel handrails, we only use the highest grade of material for any given application, and together with highest quality fixings, you’ll never have to question the durability of our final end product stainless steel handrail
There are many grades of stainless steel in use for handrails that are sourced from many suppliers with many different grading options. Part of our service and commitment to you is that we will advise you of the best suited material and fixings for your custom stainless steel handrail project depending on its end use, whether it be outside (urban or oceanside) or an interior application. See also our stainless steel balustrades

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Of course our skills come into play when the base material has to be welded together to manufacture your custom made stainless steel handrail. The correct fabrication technique appropriate to the material chosen will ensure a strong long lasting product that will stay looking great for years to come.
A satin finish will give you contemporary look or with polishing we can achieve a chrome like finish to your handrails, stairs and balustrades.

Quality standards of our stainless steel handrails

We have a very strong eye for detail that really shows on the final polish of our stainless steel handrails. There are some steps to getting your stainless steel handrail from our workshop to you in the best possible finish provided and suited to your needs. One of these steps is passivation of welds. This is basically cleaning welds with an acid so that they do not rust or tarnish. This is something we feel strongly about. Could you imagine in a years’ time you start to see rust seeping through your stainless steel handrail or balustrade because somebody thought you won’t see the weld?
The next step is the polishing. This is extremely critical as this is what sets the rest of the job apart. We have a large variety of polishing equipment for a variety of jobs from putting a grain effect back into some posts, to mirror polishing stainless steel top rails. If there are any visible welds that need to be removed, we do this without damaging the structural integrity of the stainless steel handrail, so that it looks as though it has it never been welded

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See on our next page for types of stainless steel handrail finish we can achieve for your stainless steel handrail project in Melbourne.

A few thoughts on location for your stainless steel handrails

Exterior grades/marine grades

Highest quality product and if you are close to the ocean then this level of quality is a must. Imagine how you would feel if in a few years your architectural quality stair handrail, decking rail or balcony rail were to become corroded because your supplier selected a lower grade of material for the application than actually required.
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